Hello world: how I built this


The Perfect Portfolio

I've always been impressed by those creative portfolios out there and thrived to have my own 3D experience portfolio. Back in 2019 I had my portfolio; it was live for a few months but later decided to shut it down because it wasn't good enough for me. I've always have had an idea of a 3D black background scene as the background of the portfolio, and as you scrolled through the content, green shades of light get propagated to the horizon. At the end of the scroll, you would notice it was Matrix all the time but now that you see it in birds eye view you get it. Reminder of my all times favorite movie, Matrix. I tinkered around with Three.js for a few months to create this experience but turns out creating a complicated scene like this is out of my shaders knowledge for now! So here we are! I've forked Hamish Williams repository, modified it and put it online. It's developed with Next.js and has custom Three.js animations which are looking good to me.

Looking forward

I'm pretty happy with my current portfolio for now! I've got my blog, projects and have a contact page! So I will get along with current work and will try to improve it over time and try to tinker with it to see what I could come up with! Besides it's already based on the stack That I'm comfortable with.